Guys you need to know the logo first but-The freefall tournament team are still editing the logo it will look stupid at first like i said this isn’t a joke|Coming soon 2022 March 25th| Cuz im a new user im not able to uplaod a Image-Visha signing off-

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what is your game level and name ?

i am col.yoyo my discord name is Angie koey#9251 add me pls

Im Gonna Be G.1 For ever

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im not sure if i will be

why is there so many freefall tournament topics here?
you can just discuss it over here 💫 Freefall Tournament: General Discussion 💫
your a new user so you didn’t know about that?

Yes exactly. I think there are too many.

i think it’s because of the fact that there are many inexperienced underage (kids) using the forum who find it hard to keep discussions within contexts that inflates the clutter in the forum. not to mention even if they keep within context they seldom have meaningful exchanges of information which is supposed to be the purpose of the forum. i’ve posted about 4 separate topics here in the forums although i wanted to avoid doing so in the first place only if i didn’t think they’re useful pieces of concise information that deserves to be seen immediately. if i simply posted/replied them in the general discussion thread i feel like they’d have missed the eyes of people since i can’t add header titles to my replies.


hey harrison

Y8 Games