Forum Notifications to Y8 Discord Server


I know its possible because I was in the aseprite community for both discord and the forum. I don’t know any of the admins on the server can access the dev area of the forums.

Can we have this feature in the Y8 Discord Server


Good idea, could drive more activity here maybe. I tried to post a link to forum to everyone that messaged me, wasn’t any crossover between the forum and discord though. I guess they don’t have an account, not sure why that is yet. Worth considering when we do this one. Discourse-solved plugin for Developers category


Most of the users in the server violated the discord TOS, maybe they don’t want to do the same to the forum. The ages I have seen in the server start from ages 8 to 12.


I suggested someone with access add a bot to discord as it is a mad house in the y8 server. I think under 13 is allowed but they need parental supervision. It’s the same for Y8. The internet can be dangerous otherwise.


I wish I could help with that problem. I have been on discord for about 3 years. I use a bot called tatsumaki. I could be able to help out by making a y8 member role. Add the perms for it in all the chatrooms. Then add a role {random name} with perms to not chat or see messages in all rooms. If I were to help. The outcome will be when a new user comes in. Tatsumaki will give the user the {random name} role. They will see only one message that says.

You can only access other rooms with parents permission. 
DM the admins to gain access when you are done discussing with your parents

Then the admins will give the new users the role so that user can chat with the other y8 members.


u going to be a good game dev in the future.


Haha, that will be the secret society. :zipper_mouth_face:

I was thinking something in between that and a bot that does almost nothing. I like the idea of roles set to promote positive behavior.

The y8 discord has improved, i recently checked it. Should be alright for now. We still need the forum updated again at some point.


If we want topics from the blog, could use this.
The other can push it to discord. Asking a lot I think. Worth a shot.


hey are a game dev?


Eddie is a software engineer. Technically not a game developer.


I do both. They are more similar than you might think. It does seem rare to have people work on websites and games though. If our devs had more free time, I would suggest 20% time to work on games or research. Good skills to build and it can be fun too.


Nice. I didn’t really know about this. I can see about the web site dev part because you can make games using html5 canvas.


so what kind of games u make sir?


I make 2D games like Banjo Panda and also made a drawing game called Canvas Friends.