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My ingame name is mrstark9112, i forgot my pass any admin pm me for my email i have paid items in there


Please send your request to official email id freefall at webgroup-limited dot com

and make sure you have idnet account registered with that email also to process the transfer.



my name on there is odmejsss and the email linked to it i think is [redacted] but please email me at this email: [redacted].

thank you


Hi odmejsss, I have checked the FFT game database and your account is already an account.
You can change the password for login from

You will need the email address you registered for The one in the game database is
Note: that email looks like it was typed in incorrectly (gamil), if you want to change it then contact support and they will help you with that. If you do change the email you will need to contact me again so I can fix it in the database too.


do u have any of these email on the database? or


I’m sorry but for security reasons I cannot search for random email addresses.
If you can explain what you want to achieve I may be able to find a way to help you.
I believe your account has already been transferred successfully to the login system and should be ready for you to play.


hello everyone please help me i forgot my password and when i transfer it it says invalid name or password
pls heeelp


please dont spam by posting same thing in different threads.


Hey ! i lost my account on FFT this is my username
Zalaria Help @Ankit @insanehero


Hi @Zakaria2, that account is an old account and needs to be transferred before you can play it. Please refer to the page on this forum which tells you how to do the transfer.


Hello. I lost my old account and i cant log in, because i forgot email so please help me thanks.
nick: cmelak22


hi guys plz i need help here i got account name TheDjGreg i dont know how it lost i knew the pw and email and it doesnt login so i reset my pw and it throw me to new account please @Ankit help me or any of creators y8 is the second time where losing my acc in FFT 1ST acc g1 gregorymafia and 2nd just now fix that shit plz


I need help plz, my username is falia123 and I don’t remember my account. It said “Wrong username or password”

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