Forgot password on OLD account

I’m trying to sign in to Freefall tournament and I got my account there but when I’m transferring and I log in to my account which the last time it was logged in was maybe 4 years ago. So I put in which is I’m 90% certain that my password is that. I’m not even sure how to reset my password for my old account. You have any idea what to do, please tell me.

Hi, can you tell me your nickname and email of the freefall account and the email of account on which you wants to transfer your account.

If you have an email that you frequently use and if that email is paired with your account while you made it 4 years ago,
You can do the following :

  1. Click on “Forgot password” in the sign in section.
  2. They’ll ask for your username/email. Its better to type in your email so you can be sure it’ll only go to that email, unless type it in wrong.
  3. They’ll send a reset password link.
  4. Click on it.

By now you should be able to figure out what to do, enter new password, re-enter new password, save password.
Now, all you need to do is not forget your password.

Hope this helped :smiley:

Happy gaming!
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I think he is talking about account which dont offer forget password option anymore.

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ah okay, I didn’t realize that it didn’t anymore.


Yeah, you know the old way when you sign in? There is no forget password when transferring to my old account. :cry:

I’ll Pete to fix your account with you.

Hi @Xerkies from your original post it sounds like you already have an account on Freefall Tournament and you only want to recover your password for it?

If this is the case, then you need to recover your password from here:

If I have misunderstood what you want to do, can you please provide some more detailed information about the account you want to access.

He gotta recover old FFT pass because he forgot it (and he needs it to transfer kong acc in one). And there is no option for it.

@Xerkies if @Nox is correct then you need to send me more information about both accounts. I need to know the username and email for the old account and the username for your account. Then I can let you know if I find them in the database and what we can do to help you recover access.

Yes he’s right, the old old account before the id net. The username is Bluecomando14 or 12. I’m not sure. I know the password but I’m not sure if there were numbers at the end of it.

And why u simple didn’t try to log in on kong with both names? Or search ur profile on kong?

So my old account is linked to kongrete?

I didn’t sign up on kong. I signed up on the official site

So when I try to log in, it takes a while to verify instead of just saying incorrect password. What’s the deal with that?

Transfering acc is only for Kong users, even stands in text.

It is still possible to transfer the original FRG accounts but maybe not using the transfer tool.

@Xerkies I will send you a private message which you can reply to with any details you know for sure about the account you want to transfer. I can currently say that there is no account called either “bluecommando12” or “bluecommando14” so have another think about the exact account name and do your best to remember some more details to help me verify and recover your account. Don’t send me the password, I can’t verify it and you might have used it somewhere else.

Well, it does say I can transfer to my old account

I’ve same problem like it too. Any chance to get my Old-FFT account back and transfer the old account to
I only remember the email which i use. I don’t remember my nick name back then.

We can try, I will send you a Private Message and you can send me the details you recall in a reply.

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