For all the girls here...boys stay out


If a guy hurts you don’t feel sad because we are all capable to live without them but sometimes we are smitten.You will all find your soul mate probably not now.




I’m having a drama with my friend.


What happened?


we dont know to see the question eh?


I was Talking about updates for my roblox game to my bff when My friend saw me chatting her she went MAD as heck after the talk she pulled me over to my own game. And said “WHO WAS THAT GIRL” I said no one then she get mad more, then she just point a G U N at me and said “Do you wanna die…” I was like At a moment he knew he (CENSORED) Up, Then I tried to do something but she just drop a gun and left the game…


Why didn’t you say that you were talking to your best friend about updates for your game?




that is tru…




Actually i noticed that some of the girls aren’t interested in this topic


can it teo




I the great sir wallace the 4th would like to personally say

shut up




omg real charlie damlelo i am big fan i am mr wallace :))))))))) wallace da 4th to be exact friend yeS?


im not charli its just a joke lol


then tell her that we all care and Love for each other, and that no one is a bad guy


bruh I specificaly said boys out.