Fixing glitched accounts 📌


G1.General774 : old rank Col.General774 , I used the money in upgrading my heroes and I bought tech and bomber with the money, and upgrades too.


Anyways Add cyborg in glitchers :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


It’s pointless to argue with a kid and also looks very dumb from my perspective. If u have opinion, good for u, but u talk way too much like u know what’s going on and that’s why it’s extremly fun for me to read how u throw empty words here and there.


Thanks for reexplaining, i totally understood everything word for word.


Cool. don’t sweat it haha. Ur welcome btw :D*

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oooh, don’t underestimate andrea…


You see? How moderators act now a days? You haven’t seen anything much… you’ll always get burn here


What the guy said up there, instead of you to explain it vividly, no… you’re rather telling him he’s a kid so he should grow up before you’ll explain… yet you claim yourself as a Moderator lol :joy::joy:.

[quote=“urfullofshiet, post:107, topic:3557”]
Also, stop acting like you have full control over whats happening. It makes you look even more like a condescending prick tbh
[/quote] I agree with this part, always acting like he knows everything from A to Z but at the end he’s just a kid who is just having an undeserved position/rank in this game… furthermore, he keeps saying am “Teleklos” yet without given any sensible evidence to back-up his statement… relying on every fake news he sees.

To be honest, they’re among of the problems the game is facing now.


She’s not a man lol.


Rja i’m so thankful we have a mod like you, you always correct no-life pessimistic trolls like that guy on totally necessary stuff.


yeah, if there was a thread about best mod of 2017, we would vote for rja12,


Before anyone keeps on assaulting Andrea about how badly this glitching account thing is going to end up, i’d like to point out that it is not on her, she didn’t just came up with this idea, just because. It was our decision to look for the best solution for this big problem that the glitched accounts is/are, and she is helping us out here, because someone has to.
Keep it mind it is a very complicated situation to deal with, and a snap of fingers isn’t going to solve it.

If you are unhappy about it, feel free to strike on Ankit or myself. And leave our mods alone, thanks.


We talk to the players because we are players, we whine to the players because we are players. We talk to those we are comfortable with, before you came the mods were all we had to complain to, the only people we had to voice our complaints.


I don’t care about his gender since he himself do not care about others.




x’D hahaha


Somethings being done while I’m not around… :L
I’ll be active again near mid of next month… late assignments + work don’t mix x.x



Nice to hear :smile:


Mar.GIPNOL, old rank G2