Finals tip

it is not to hard to win the finals just still it and dunk

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grrrrrrrrrrr -she get mad make her eyes turn red slam his face zaps herself back forest alone hided in cave- your not dunk man

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yes i am just dunk in the finals shoot a few three if your are wining

I am not wining u know who I am?

-she looks away- u r monster I will kill u so bad in my hands as dark magic will stands with me

-she went bk her base alone in peace and never comes out she sent her little sword to her pic of him get mad look him- this mean war that monster

I hope your happy bad dog

-she walking to her chair sat down look her skull at night in her base of ice without be seen chuckles to herself as evil princess alone in peace-

sometimes when they are reading all these post
there could be something they are not happy about
if no one was interested in her topic
no one gives a heart to her post
she would be ignored on this quiet forum
just like that she will not be happy
being not happy is sometimes not our problem
because here in this forum people are not being social to one another
as she was just interested in her topic
even though she said something in other topics
which is why i do not talk to her

hi :heart_eyes: :partying_face: :partying_face:

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