FFT does not load on the y8 website anymore

Game: Freefall Tournament | Play Now Online for Free - Y8.com

Problem: The game does not load on the y8 website

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This is what happens

Also, I have seen this happen to many other games on y8.

Have you checked out on It’s Official Site:

It gets download I think You must check I did not checked But I see it loads perfectly

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No way you actually took your time out to find this

It did not took me time to find this You search on google “Freefall Tournament”
The first Link written
Freefall Tournament-Official Site
Click on it simple


It loads normally on my end but not with an ad blocker


It doesn’t I tried to load it on Y8 Browser ad blocker does not works on y8 browser It still did not loaded on y8 forum

As you can see, it works in my Y8 browser
Perhaps your PC does not have the requirements to play such games, which can be relatively resource-intensive even for browser games.

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91000 slugs goddamn

I see it does work on y8 for you @Bad_Request …But bro had to flex his skins AND zcash AND heroes AND slugs :skull_and_crossbones:

I will check on y8 forum

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