Fft closing down? give the game to a new dev



I heard about this from one of the fft discord servers about Ankit mentioning about the game officially closing down

If it is, will the game still be playable

If not, can you sell the game to a new development team like Devolver, ID Software or Valve?

I don’t want to see this game die like the games I used to play in the past and it may apply to you too.


I aint closing down, just the thing is that devs wont give attention to this game


O I see


Eh please without fake info. If u have a question like this, do ask first in private message instead of going full drama.

No, it’s not shutting down.

Ankit answered in suggestions

Translation for those who didn’t understood: Game currently doesn’t have devs and it’s paused. But MIGHT in the future gonna get some love and start with proper updates. This wasn’t an easy decision to make.




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