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[My fav game=Idle Toy Factories


Hello, I’m replying because your post would normally be ignored in this quiet forum, and few people play Idle Toy Factories, let alone any idle game. I see you’re very new to this forum. So, welcome! (I’m still a bit new to it myself)

I really like some of the idle games that play themselves while I do other important activities. I like a few of the business ones and the one and only warrior one…

I’ve played a bit of Idle Toy Factories. It’s not my favourite because it needs too many clicks at the beginning. Also, it’s visually ‘busy’, so that’s confusing. But it’s an ok idle business game once the managers are hired.

What do you love about it? Do you like any other idle game?

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I appreciate your appreciation and encouragement in three of my efforts to help. 感謝 おかげ :sunny:

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i don’t understand what i did hehe ^^’’, しかし、いつでも大歓迎です! :star:

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Yes :grin:

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