Evolution Multiplayer FPS Webgl game

Evolution Multiplayer FPS is a free to play first person shooting game which is made by Unity, and successfully ported as Multiplayer Webplayer game, and Multiplayer Webgl game. The game is about taking down enemies, which in some cases are online players from all over the globe, while in other times, are hardcore aliens who are eager to kill you.

The Evolution Multiplayer FPS game, or so called Evo (according by its developer) has the following features:

  • 5 lethal weapons
  • 5 different maps (including 1 swarmed with aliens)
  • DeathMatch mode, where everyone is a target to kill
  • Teams mode, where you team up with people against teams or aliens

id.net powered features:

  • ID Highscores
  • ID Achievements, 14 epic achievements
  • ID Online Save, the cloud system works for logged members
  • ID Multiplayer, guest or member, everyone is able to play

Without further delay, the versions of Evo, along with 100+ free games from the id.net Game Center, are located here:

Evolution Multplayer FPS Webplayer Game
note: you need the webplayer plugin to play the webplayer version of Evo.

Evolution Multplayer FPS WebGL Game
note: the webgl game version is plugin-free, which means its playable everywhere!

Feel free to share your tactics, plans, ideas, critics, and bugs, in this official topic of Evolution Multiplayer FPS Webgl game! Have fun!


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this game is a webgl game, I remember playing this on my kindle fire

look good for me but seem’s to be fft.

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Attempting to revive this topic, hasn’t aged well

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