Everyone matters in this world whether you are small or not loved


Post wonderful pictures and share some memories.Happy ones ok.




I know it hurts but we must move on.


I asked him, and he didn’t want anyone to create a topic saying he was dead. I asked him, and he said no. then, change the title


happy now.


yes, and alex would be too


that brings a happy tear to my eye.








instead it brings me a fountain of pain and tears. i am crying right now


my soul mourns for it…every hour the whole day.


instead, my soul will cry all my life. that my life will be very short, maybe, until 13, 14 years I will live




I honestly don’t know if I want to commit suicide, the question will remain a bit pending, however, I’ll always think about it




aroooooo wolf image image Cei-doi-lupi yeet

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