★ Ev.io ★ A fun futuristic FPS .io game ★ Try it now!

ev.io is a futuristic first person shooter that you can directly in your web browser.


The game currently supports two game modes:

dm OR tdm

  • In deathmatch you compete in a “every man for himself” battle against other players to score the highest number of kills.

  • In team deathmatch, you must work with your team mates to achieve the highest number of collective kills.

The game proposes for now 9 differents maps, each with own style

The weapon system in ev.io is a bit different than other browser shooters, in which you cannot pick up weapons on the map.
In ev.io, you choose the primary weapon you start with: a hand cannon, auto rifle or laser rifle.

Each of the different main weapons has advantages and disadvantages. For example, the automatic rifle does little damage but has a fast rate of fire. The laser rifle has high damage but a slow rate of fire.

In addition to choosing a primary weapon, you can also pick up weapons on the map. There are three possible weapons you pick up: the shotgun, the sniper and the rocket launcher. The pickup weapons are quite a bit stronger than your primary weapon, but have limited ammo. So you need to make your shots count to take full advantage of them.

The game also has a pretty elaborate ability system, which is mostly centered around movement and grenades.

Grenades : You can choose 2 of any 3 grenades: smoke grenades, standard grenades and flash grenades.

Movement : Spend 3 points in any 3: teleportation, jumping and sprint. You can spend 1 point in sprint for example, and 2 in teleport. If you spend all 3 in jumping, you can jump 3 times.

Jumping does not use stamina but other things, such as teleportation and sprinting do. The movement mechanics in ev.io are diverse.

Compete on the leaderboard or visit the in-game store to unlock with accumulated points or buy :warning: with real money :warning: new skins.

You can also play private games with friends by hitting the share game link in the menu (press M button to access).

Have fun playing ev.io at Y8.com!

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