🏎 Drive for Speed: How fast you can drive?

Looking for a cool driving game with exciting driving experience? Drive for Speed 2 game gives an adrenaline rush feel of driving experience on the road full of hazard and excitement. :racing_car: If you like driving fast on a busy road then speed your way on the highway and try to get your possible top speed on this game! :wink:


Start by choosing your game mode:

:one: One Way
:two: Two Way
:three: Time Attack


Choose also the drive scene: Sunny :sun_with_face: , Night :first_quarter_moon_with_face: or Rainy :cloud_with_rain: ?


Start riding this Speedster! :racing_car:


Looks like a fun road trip adventure :traffic_light:


Wade through the traffic on a rush hour :traffic_light:. Go great distance for a higher score points


Sweet Potatoes! :sweet_potato: Time to practice your defensive driving skill here :sweat_smile:


Avoid getting hit or bumping into other cars! :warning:


Top speed maneuver can really be both exciting & challenging! Plenty of street adrenaline! :zap:

Although there are few cars to upgrade with, best to try them all! :wink: Enjoy the driving experience for this game and unlock achievements with Y8 Achievements feature for this game here at Y8!

Play this game here :arrow_down:

Try out the first version here :arrow_down:

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