Dragon Fortress is now live!

Hello, play our new released game “Dragon Fortress” at http://www.y8.com/games/dragon_fortress

If you need a tips or walkthrough, you can watch on this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KSnLXQGWR84

Thank you and have fun!


Great game, I was skeptical seeing the UI/tutorial at start but it’s just awesome :slight_smile:

And we are glad to see it live, LittleGiantWorld!! Thanks for making this happen :smile:

As this is the official forum topic for Dragon Fortress, made by the game developers and linked with the Y8 game, I hope you won’t mind me to relocate the questions/responds which were created before this topic was made.


  1. How do I import Local Save to Online Save in Dragon Fortress
    If you’re wondering where dragon fortress is it’s at http://ja.y8.com/games/dragon_fortress5

  2. I found a bug where if you get 2 of the same species into dungeon only one of the species appears Example: 2 Nidhoggs are in slot 1 and 3 respectively when you do dungeon only the one with slot 3 appears


  1. For the local to online save import, we really sorry we can’t do that right now. thank you for playing our game
  2. Hi Calthax, thank you for playing our game and for the bug report, we will fix it as soon.


Game is updated and the mixed specie bug is resolved

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Splendid game idea, and well implemented! Really fun to play in nice comic art.

What I miss is a focus on the heroes, RPG stats to make a difference, and customize the hero or heroine of choice a little bit… Would be cool, if the other 2 are played by AI, to make living with their decisions an ordeal.

Still that is one of the really better games. Thanks for allowing free to play.


thank you, nice idea :slight_smile:

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I’ve been playing for a bit and now I’m unable to access the Dragon’s Den along with the attack timer staying stuck at various seconds showing until I’m being attacked.

Enjoying the game and thank you!

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I like this very great game I will also play this game.

Have you been able to resolve this issue? I have been playing this game and enjoying it, but now I can no longer enter the dragons den so it is not possible to reassign or summon dragons. When an attack occurs, if I select ‘assign dragons’ the timer stop running and the attack stays on zero seconds but does not begin. My other timers all stop as well so my resources stop increasing. There are other minor problems such as a dragon that has been evolved appears as not evolved in the dungeon. I have tried using alternative browsers but the problems remains. Can anyone help?

thanks for the notice, Sketchee, we’ll do our best to resolve those bugs.

I have been trying to play this game for some time on Kongregate. For some reason, the ID.net online save doesn’t work there. I had played until I was working on getting the legendary dragons, and had everything maxed out, then my local save was erased. Is there no way to save games played on Kongregate online anymore?

For whatever reason, after commenting here, the save feature just… turned back on. Along with all the work I’d done before. :stuck_out_tongue: Not really sure why or how. But now there is still an issue with not being able to access the Dragon’s Den; any time I try to, it just shows as a blank. I’m unable to change my assigned dragons, and when enemies attack, I can’t engage them. This also seems to stop the resource timers.

If there is any fix (I know it’s been a long time, but I would really like to give this game a better rating and maybe finish it) then please let me know.

Hi Dracos!

Our system of online save is not allowed on Kongregate because of their 3rd party policies. And on all other websites where the original game is hosted, once you are logged in, your data is saved and loaded properly.

For the other issues you have, you say the online save progress is messed for you? Could be a case, to be honest, as HTML5 games (this game technology) are working different than flash games. Can you try logging out and logging in back to the game, if that helps?

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