Doc Darling: Bone Surgery || Treat Broken Bones 🦴

I found another quite interesting game around. Doc Darling: Bone Surgery :bone: is a fun and interesting bone surgery game. :stethoscope: :hospital:

In this game, our cute girl just fell off her scooter while playing and she needs Doc Darling to take care of her broken bones. Here is your opportunity to become a doctor and treat the little girl. :kick_scooter:

Here are some important tasks to follow up on to make our little girl back on her feet.

  1. Cleaning
  2. First Aid
  3. Fixing fingers and toes
  4. Fixing metal on Ribs
  5. Fixing teeth
  6. Dress up

Coming into the tasks, First, clean our little girl with some antibacterial soap and dry her up. Later first-aid is most important. First aid makes the body fight bacteria and it makes the body respond to surgery and medicines. :muscle: :stethoscope: :skull_and_crossbones:

After this take an XRAY to find out the broken bones in her body and let us prepare for the surgery.

Just now find out little girl suffered big injuries, broken fingers, toes, ribs, and teeth. So Doc Darling let us help the little girl by fixing them. :crossed_fingers: :foot:

The Toe bone has to be cut out and fix it with some bone glue. All you need to be sure with hygiene. Make sure you clean the blood around the wound and make apply forceps to enter into the wound and apply glue on the bone and close it.

Another really very tricky part is fixing the ribs, they are delicate, use the help of a little girl who is jumping around ribs and fixing them by applying metal rods.

finally, her Teeth need to be replaced, as she is very young she can grow back her teeth, in the meanwhile just place the cap around by playing a simple jigsaw puzzle game. :stethoscope:

Here it is, it concludes the surgery and makes her happy by selecting the latest dresses from our wardrobe. :dress:

we all know that a happy person will heal very quickly and have fun playing this game only on


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