Do you think Bad Ben game should be removed?

Does anyone think the game Bad Ben should be removed? I think it should because it contains offensive words that should not be used and also violates the game upload rule “harmful content”

Remove Bad Ben game
  • Yes
  • No

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I have played it myself

As you said.

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I don’t know and have never played the game. But as it violates the game upload rule so that should be removed.

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I agree with you @AuroraEsoteric

A big thank you to everyone who voted

If you vote NO, please write your name (please tell me if this is against the Forum rules)

I will close the poll now


So I played it, and there is a lot of swearing in it, but nothing that would offend me.

Imo if they are going to have games with that type of content, there should be a warning to go with it in case someone is sensitive to that type of content.

Aside from that, we should really separate games like Newgrounds does. Putting age ratings instead of content warning tags. Also please make account creation 13+. Most users here are too immature to be commenting on games or chatting with other users.

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That’s a good idea @Lavasteam

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