🏍 Dirt Bike Stunts: Get ready for extreme offroad racing!

Dirt Bike Stunts 3D is an offroad extreme motorcycle racing game! You will love the offroad dirt bike challenges on this game as you’ll be racing on a mountainous terrain! There will be cliffs and sharp turns, so you better be careful. There are 10 levels that you need to finish. Let’s check out some highlights! :motorcycle:

The ride view is breath taking :star_struck:

Speed up to reach the check points!

The Sprint Race is fun at level 3 onwards against other motorcycle :racehorse:

Money earned :moneybag: can be used to buy upgrades :wrench:

Race hard on dangerous hills and keep an eye on obstacles :warning:

Checkpoint Races: You must rush through the checkpoints :checkered_flag: before the time runs out :watch:

The race adrenaline is exciting and funny as well (to see other bikes crashing on obstacles :rofl:)

In most levels, the obstacles can really be a time killer :stopwatch: :skull_and_crossbones: You’re challenged to drive really fast and beat the time!

Unlock more bikes in the garage once you have enough cash to buy them! :money_with_wings:

Enjoy the offroad race adventures! :sunglasses: :checkered_flag: :motorcycle:

Play this game here :arrow_down:

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