Dino Game. Maybe your children like it

Combine and assemble the metal parts that create Dino Robot Triceratops, an armored machine that transforms into a firefighter truck. Useful in any big city, this highly powerful steel dinosaur can face fire and extinguish it by changing parts and becoming a transformer firemen truck. Discover how to create it.
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:roll_eyes: not interesting at all
where are you

It’s good and wonderful

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Calm down @Teo2. You can express a different opinion, of course, but only if it’s on a constructive purpose.

Also, I remain perplexed as to the usefulness of digging up five-year-old topics which nobody answered at the time. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:




Haven’t checked it out, sounds like a relatievly good idea. But do remember that if it doesn’t sell, it definately shouldn’t be made.

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