💥 Destroy those blocks with TNT Bomb

TNT Bomb is a one unique game where you have to deal with lots of bomb explosions! :boom: Do you like the idea of playing as a bomb technician? And your job is to destroy structures! :sunglasses: Maybe you can identify the right explosive devices to use so you can destroy the structures perfectly.


If you feel thrilled at the sight of huge bomb explosion :boom: :exploding_head: then this game is definitely for you to try :star_struck:


Let’s define first what a TNT is :open_book: :thinking: TNT is short for trinitrotoluene. A yellow, crystalline compound used mainly as an explosive. :bomb: It can only explode by means of a detonator and is not affected by shock.


So basically, you will have to destroy a set of block structures like this one :hotsprings: Just pick the explosives :bomb: and put them strategically on those blocks.


When all the explosives are set! Hit the detonator!! :boom: Just make sure all blocks are destroyed :sunglasses:

:fire::zap: There’s also a powerful ultimate earthquake to use but for only one time, Use it to destroy remaining blocks


You will see on lower left side, there are 5 types of TNT available to you. Each has different characteristics and can be used to blow up different materials. try them out and see how they work :wink:


At hard levels, think about the “chain reaction” to get the job done. The number of bombs per level is limited, so you’ll have to think :thinking: about how you’ll line them up. Can you handle it? :wink:

Sounds fun? Enjoy playing this game full of explosives and physics puzzle here at Y8.com! Play it online or in your mobile touchscreen devices.

Play this game here :arrow_down:

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this really looks like angry birds.

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