๐Ÿ’€ Dead Walkers Silent Sniper

Feels like shooting Dead Walkers? In this game you will be given five minutes :timer_clock: to take down as many dead walkers :skull: using a sniper gun. Itโ€™s a casual shooting game with a simple game play, you basically focus on sniping targets. Itโ€™s a killing spree! :skull_and_crossbones::smiling_imp:


Set in a Military Camp, Dead walkers :skull: are everywhere, but relax, youโ€™re in a safe position and they are your target. Be silent and just shoot. :gun:


Aim on your target for a head shot! :dart: :zombie: Right click to zoom in and out of scope.


When Dead walkers overlaps in your scope, you can kill them with a single bullet. Two birds in one stone! :wink:


If the target is too far away, you get bigger score when you hit it


Once you get the hang of it, youโ€™ll be sniping like a machine :sunglasses:

Interesting to keep up to the challenge and reach game milestones with Y8 achievement feature and Y8 high score feature!

So how many Dead Walkers have you shot?

Play it here :arrow_down:

Watch the Silent Sniper game walkthrough here :arrow_down:


hi :sweat_smile::smiley:

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Pretty sure I had killed more than 100 in one game at the first time trying. I love sniping.

Reminds me of dead zed

I am back. AGAIN.


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