🏥 Cute Animals Emergency Hospital >> Enjoy being a Vet Doctor

Hello guys, Have you ever thought of being a vet doctor :stethoscope: and helping animals :dog2: that are really helpless and innocent, if yes this game gives you the best opportunity to lead your dreams. Cute Animals Emergency Hospital. :hospital:

We have a lot of opportunities to get medication, :gift_heart: Being a vet doctors help the cute animals which are in trouble. Some animals visited the hospital for help. :rabbit2:

The first animal we are with is a cute little dog :dog2: with lots of injuries and a broken bone. :bone: He is in lots of pain, let us help him to get rid of the pain and make him happy back again. :dog: Following the simple steps, we can make this happen. So let us start guys :stethoscope:

The first step to treat the injuries is cleaning, so let us clean the cute little pup and remove all the dirt and stuck to her, apply healer to reduce the injuries, :stethoscope: but the major part we can see is a broken leg. Let us take the X-ray and adjust the broken leg now. :bone: :bone:

Fixing the broken bone is really simple, just manage to match and arrange all the parts to make a previous one and apply the bandage and support sticks to let attach the bone back into position. :bone:

After fixing everything, let us make the little pup happy and smart by selecting the new dresses. :dress: :dog:

Next, we are with a little bunny with fever and stomach ache. :rabbit2:

Treatment is really simple, just follow the procedure.

Check the temperature, give medicine for fever and let her settle with hot tea, and next remove the impurities from her stomach. :thermometer: :stethoscope: :tea:

Dress bunny too with the latest dress. :rabbit:

Following with a bird with an injured wing visited for treatment. As we can see it is in real pain. Help to heal the wing by treating the injury. :bird: :stethoscope:

and finally, dress her to look funky and fun. :bird: :heart: :angel: :hatched_chick: :dove:

I really enjoyed playing this game, you can feel the same as me. Do not forget to unlock all achievements as they are rewards for your great work and collect them all. :medal_military:

Enjoy playing this game by helping innocent beings and extending a helping hand to all. Play this game from the below link.

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Let me know your views too and comment on your real-time experience of helping the animals.

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