Crush advice


what omg so its my fault wow your just like the boys in my school




its not funny


It’s no ones fault either :slight_smile:


you know what shut up everyone shut up I hate my life uggghh


how you just look to other girl by the way his not for you too.




just look for other girls.


stop talking about this it annoying






do u guys have a crush on someone in here


I do have a secret crush on someone but sometime i act like that i don’t like him​:kissing_heart::sunglasses::v:


If u have a crush on someone@flawless you might be careful cauz you don’t know alots about him.
but it good that you have a crush on someone(I THINK SO)

If you really, really like him then tell (him or her) how you feel about ( him or her)

(OK FLAWLESS) GOOD LUCK​:+1::+1::+1::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: