Crush advice


ok guys if you have a crush what should you ask him or her but mostly him

Date advice

Just tell her/him how you feel.


I tried all that comes out is gibberish


Hmm, I guess it depends on how old you are


lol I see you got jokes I am 13 lol


I wasn’t joking. when I was 13, I had the same problem you are going through right now


oh well how old are u now if u don’t mind me asking






lol sorry wow I mean how is it like being 17


very busy, don’t play games as much like I used to. I can hardly put my time to work on my game dev project.


oh ok do you have a gf


im just asking




oh ok


if I ask u out what would u say


No because I don’t do online dating and I have a crush on someone else. The reason I don’t do online dating is because I like to actually see the person irl rather than looking at the screen to do it.


what kind of man are you to online dating that realy the follish thing you will do.


be his friend and descover what food he like and also his attitude and be good at her.