💥 Crime City 3D - Free WebGL TPS Game



Greetings folks! :speaking_head:

Let’s dust off this game which is a few years old but hasn’t aged a single time!

A city ruled by bad guys and corrupt cops… Welcome to Crime City !

To clean it, we could only send the most badass and indestructible of agents!

Imagine a game at the crossroads of a GTA and a Serious Sam: you get Crime City!
Full of adrenaline, this action-packed (and explosive) game will thrill fans of hard-hitting games.

Try to blow them all up! To do this, use powerful weapons, grenades, shotguns, rocket launchers, machine guns, tanks, helicopters or turrets!
Completely in 3D and completely free this game is playable only on Y8.com!

What are you still doing here ?! Come on, this town is not going to clean itself up!

Play the game here :arrow_down:

Gameplay video :arrow_down:


this game is very very intersting.guys try it out


Is this game in pixels?


This game looks like GTA


A good game i like shooting game


this game is amazing iwish there is one mo re like this but much better


best game ever except for one game


Hi dr.qwq,

Second part of Crime City 3D is in development process :smile:


hi to you to jool the 48 lvl is so hard


I will give you a small Hint/Trick to clear Level 48 :wink:

“in this Mission, Survive as much as you can”


Do you want more “missions” in “Crime City 3D” Game ?

  • Yes,we really need more missions.
  • No,50 missions are enough.
  • Probably a second version of this game “Crime City 2” with new game graphics & style.

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ok yes i do yyyybts


I need more missions


I need 854 missions right now


oh my this game is so good


i have all missions complete when is more missions?


it is a gooooooooddddddd game


There is a way to get loads of money and buy god-mode I have 2million. All you have to do is complete level 26 loads of times for in the orange barrles a diamonds and they give you 15000 or if you have x2 you get 30000!


:frowning: Just finished the game it was easy because I had brought everything in the shop even godmode and ended the game with 2.905 million


i think it is really fun