Crime City 3D - Free WebGL FPS Game



this game is very very cool!:muscle:


this game is very good


hello, my name is rachid Im 13 years old Im from algeria I was impressed by this game. It’s fantastic. I’ve reached the 102nd stage, it’s a little tough
I speak little English


I want more missions


You should play crime city 3d 2, it has 150 missions.




teanck you


ok that is easy because in the store all i need left is the god mode and then i will have everything in the store on the game.:grinning:


brate dodaj barem 1000 misija i jetback


E bun jocul dar, grafica e prea rece. Ar fi frumos sa aibe culori mai calde si sa poti folosii masinile oricand.

Automated translation:

It’s a good game, but the graphics are too cold. It would be nice to have warmer colors and you could use the cars anytime.


yas this is a super game everyone try it


this is eeeaaasy game


we need ore missions


Is cool this game


indeed, cool game


hi @charli_d-amelio


hi @Leo16


there is something


these 50 levels aren’t enough


?what :confused::confused: