Crime City 3D - Free WebGL FPS Game



hola querido amigo


pelo plep


Bang bokep


Ok man I will try my hardest, But it is kinda hard ya know, I mean like on the first misson you have to kill 100 of them.But yeah like I said I will try my hardest to win.


awesome game


is awesome game




ivan capitene


i am excited to get more missions !!!


This is a realy fun its almost like gta5
but here ais a trick when u get to spawn veihchals spam 0 or 9


yes its like gta5


It is a neat game but has some serious cinks and neads sound


I need more weapons I bought all


the game needs more weapons
and more missions


i think from max payne bullet time


i agree with you


Do you want more “missions” in “Crime City 3D” Game ?

65%Yes,we really need more missions.
12%No,50 missions are enough.
23%Probably a second version of this game “Crime City 2” with new game graphics & style.
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é um bom jogo pra quem nao tem um PC muito bom e ou dinheiro pra comprar um jogo pago,eu aprovo :+1:


make it look a little like gta