Crime City 3D 2


Found hidden packages on all 130 levels except mission 98 (destroy 15 yellow cabs)? Fun game, very good for a stressful day! Only one improvement, make the last 10 missions harder, maybe 2 big bosses with some juggernauts around.




this game is ligit i would give this game a huge thumbs up:thumbsup::thumbsup:


I loved this graphics game many good


Thank you my friend:kissing_heart:






Stuck on level 105 where I must kill 5 Juggernauts and I killed two and I killed all the other villians and now nothing. I am stuck on a empty city searching for three juggernauts that seem to not exist. Forced to quit the game.


They eventually all appeared after going up and down the street one time playing the game so I lucked out. As it happened four came out after I killed two and wandered around killing goons for a bit. In essence I had six Juggernauts but only needed to kill five. Now in 108 round. I really lucked out on various rounds. Like round 100 did not know how to kill the planes but they self destructed.


Also lucked out with the memory issues people get playing this game. It crashed before. But playing thru Mliniplay and nothing has happened. But earlier using Y8’s official link it crashed.
P.S. I finally got the dumb out of memory error for the last three levels and had to keep restarting the game. Now after completing all levels it keeps saying that after every level is completed. Is it related to me downloading videos? Is it my PC out of memory or the system?




Game is good. Graphic is a bit funny, but overall the game is good.