🥊 Crazy fun boxing match with Drunken Boxers

It’s sounds really interesting to see how drunk people do boxing :rofl: :crazy_face: With their dizzy head :nauseated_face: and rolling eyes :crazy_face: they can even hardly fight! :face_vomiting: :cold_face: But some drunk people wants to fight! :boxing_glove: Maybe they will try to unleash something like “drunken-punch” technique :facepunch: :boom: :joy: In this game, let’s checkout the slugfest between drunk boxers :beers: :rofl: And maybe they will need more beers :beer: to keep going :rofl:


Square One: These drunk guys are really in to it for a head to head slug fest! :facepunch: :boxing_glove:


Swing for a hard punch against opponent :boom:


If you keep moving forward :arrow_right: , you can corner they other guy and punch like there’s no tomorrow :joy:


Grab the falling power ups like speed :zap: or power :muscle: or health :ambulance:, then unleash some power shots! :boom:


Doesn’t matter how long it takes each round :hourglass_flowing_sand: , as long as you put your opponent to sleep :sleeping: :bellhop_bell: :sunglasses:


Note: If you interchanged position during fight, you switch stance and your left do the punch :facepunch:


Level 4 forward comes the real deal, the opponents gets harder and harder to beat! Try your best to win! :trophy:

So have fun playing this game solo or with a friend as opponent. You will surely have lots of fun trying to beat up each other’s drunk character in this game to win :sweat_smile: :joy: Or you can aim to get high score and achievements with Y8 high score and Y8 achievements feature for this game. Enjoy playing this game here at Y8.com! :slightly_smiling_face:

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