🐮 Cow vs Vikings

Cows Declares a War!!!
The cow ruler - ultimatum Ceasar Rodrigo reads:
You must release all the cows we captured in the recent days immediately or the war will be on.” :cow:

The war started because you had no way to prove that we didn’t kidnapped a cow… and now you are forced into a war conflict against the cows!

Mobilization has Started! Voluntee in battle Cow vs Vikings immediately on y8!!!

Play this strategy demo version, TD game, with amazing graphics and super great story of enemies and defend heroes. Representing the Viking side while learning everything that you can to obtain victory in this war game. :mage::bow_and_arrow:

  • Upgrade your towers and spells with a glass of milk!

  • Blessing helps to detect hidden ninjas if you get Allseeing Eye upgrade.

  • Thor’s Hammer and Moospellball do not hurt flying cows.

  • Do not forget to use your spells as they deliver noticeable aid.
    And so many advice you can read before start the levels.

Cows are cute and quite peaceful animals, but their intentions definitely are not the same at least not in this TD game. They will appear in a very dangerous editions like: Trojan Cow, Ninja, Cowikaze, Light and Armored Moofantry, Pigcow Raider, Cow-Tortoise and so others.
Huge herds of ravaging animals are smashing and taking down all around and your only rescue plan is to lead an army of vikings to glory and victory.



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