☣ Coronavirus Pandemic game




In these uncertain times of a global pandemic, what could be better than playing a game that talks about … a total pandemic, isn’t it? :biohazard:

What a joy to see our beloved virus born and then growing and spreading all over the world causing death and panic everywhere. :scream: :skull: :smiling_imp:

In this simulation, you can also make it evolve by bringing it mutations which will make it spread by other means or which will cause other physiological damage to its victims.

A single objective to contaminate the WHOLE world. :earth_africa::earth_americas::earth_asia:

Will you be able to win? Play it right here, right now!


oh, not real


like people got this off web pictures


“I’m starting to feel a little bit of symptoms. You know it feels similar to the onset of a cold, at this particular juncture. Today I tested positive, so I don’t know how long I’ve had it, you know, and for what period it’s been incubating.”

Miami, FL Mayor Francis Suarez has tested positive for coronavirus after being in close proximity to an infected Brazilian official who also met with President Trump


this game does’t look real but there a mobile games like this

(for example Plague Inc)




FACT: Game is not a real life!




thanks for reading!


no problem


i knew it


FACT: This is an “O how deep” thought!


but it’s not a real life, understand???


the :biohazard: biohazard icon i can see it!


you guys dont be worried about crroanavirus


I’m not worried about it, but in our czechia, we have 9 dead, the first was 95-year old man.

But you don’t know his name because he is in Prague.




so what?


we have 2663 confirmed and 11 healthy and… 11 DEAD!!!


what ?