Cool Multiplayer Shooting Game! - Pixel Strike Force -

Hey yah guys!

We have a new voxel FPS multiplayer game added in the site! Check out Pixel Strike Force.




In this nervous first person shooter game, there are 3 maps, 2 game modes and 4 classes to choose from.

It’s an online multiplayer game, so you can host a private server for friends only or a public server if you want to play with other people.

Oh, you have no friends huh? No worries, because Bots :robot: are always here to serve, just in case! :wink:


Do you like to spray the map with bullets? Choose the Assault or Support classes equipped with their automatic assault rifle.
Unless you prefer more firepower, even if it means getting closer to your enemy? Then select Engineer and his shotgun!

Ah, I see, you’re more like the type stashed in a corner, waiting for the passage of a poor target unaware of what awaits him. In this case, all you have to do is take the Recon class and its deadly sniper rifle.

There is something for every taste!

Its cute 3D blocky voxel graphics shouldn’t fool you, this is a pretty nervous shooter! Expect to sweat a little!




Play it here :arrow_heading_down:



Gameplay Video :arrow_heading_down:




hey yoh sup i think everybody should try this game


:+1: :star_struck:

Hello, nice to meet you. I’m a player of this game. I have a suggestion for this game.

  1. Infinite gun clip. (30/INF)(6/INF)(30/INF)(5/INF) like that.
  2. Add key binds change system.
  3. Make a tutorial.


Pretty fun!

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