👩‍🍳 Cooking Fast 4 Steak - Time Management

If you have ever considered having your own restaurant or any place where food is served :spaghetti::hamburger::pizza::taco:, then you can learn a lot from Cooking Fast 4 Steak.
Be a good strategist in real-time resource allocation in order to meet level goals.
Customers are always in the first place and always right, so your goal is to send them smiling, to come back to you.

You must respond to incoming requests that appear while playing and serve them in the most efficient way to get the greatest possible reward. Almost always are limited by the time or amount money you need to reach the level, and your initial resources limit the speed at which you can meet the requirements.

As the days go by with your earnings, you can improve and expand your restaurant, upgrade your kitchen and offer new products.
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