⬜ Collect Cubes — Isn't it a difficult game ?!

Hello pals! :grin:
Collect cubes is a 3D physics game recently published on Y8.com.

It’s one of those games that is actually surprisingly easy to play. Well, at first glance only! :open_mouth:
The basic mechanics of the game are simple to learn but a little less to master.

Yes, we collect cubes or various elements of different shapes with a kind of ‘magnet’ along a conveyor belt and we push them into a pit.
It takes a certain number of these cubes to pass otherwise it is failure.

The first levels are not too complicated and follow each other without real problems but … after a few minutes the frustration of some failures will start to appear. :anger:

And it is at this moment that 2 choices will be offered to you:
Give up at the risk of spending the rest of your life regretting it or continue without fail until final consecration: to be number 1 in the Y8 leaderboard. :1st_place_medal:

But you see, these elements will be happy not to be easily picked up and will often scatter happily everywhere except where it is necessary: ​​the so-called pit :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

It will take all of your dexterity to achieve your goals, but satisfaction will outweigh frustration. In theory.

Do you think you are up to the task? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Play it here :arrow_down:

Did you like the game?

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are u sure its not hard and do u wanna play a game together

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of course, maybe a few strategy


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but the same

i like this game… and amazing !!



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