🍨 Churros Ice Cream 2: Second Installment from Churros ice cream

Churros Ice Cream 2 is a second installment from our favorite churros ice cream game. Prepare the yummy ice creams with the help of this game. :ice_cream: :waffle:

Checking this fun game and the same yummy feel you can feel from this game. You have double fun in this game, initially, you have to collect the ingredients and items from the kitchen and start cooking. You need a lot of utensils like pans, spatula, butter, eggs, flour, milk, and other ingredients. :egg::waffle::ice_cream:

First, let us make waffles by following the step-by-step procedure, select the items shown to match them, first cook the cheese, water, salt, and well stirring and some flour makes them yummy waffles. :hotel::woman_cook:

Do not forget to mix the eggs which make them soft and make them for final shaping. :cheese:

After shaping them we need to freeze them to make them more crispy and chilling. Use the little freezer to make them cold for the next processing. :snowflake::icecream:

Freezing makes the waffles make them firm and frying them makes them crispy, fill the oil in one of the pans and fry them at the perfect temperature to make them look golden color and crispy.

Let us fill ice cream and finally let us decorate the ice cream with a lot of variety of toppings where you can shop them with the money you earned and make them look yummy and have fun. :heart_decoration::icecream:

Show your interest in toppings and seasoning, you can shop a variety of items and use all the toppings and finally, we are with yummy icecreams. :shallow_pan_of_food::ice_cream::icecream:

So why wait, prepare your own ice cream and post your yummy ice cream to your profile and ask your friends to make theirs. We all love ice creams, this game lets us make our favorite ice creams.

Post your opinions in the comments section and share your most attractive ice cream screenshots here and let us vote for that.

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