🚚 Challenging Mountain Ride on Rough Rider Extreme game!

Do you like driving a truck Offroad? Challenge your driving skills on this game by driving the 4x4 on extreme rough road mountainous terrain in Rough Rider Extreme game. In this game basically, your success on each level will really depend on your driving skills! Hop in to the truck and drive! :truck: Conquer the mountain and pass every level with different challenges. Let’s take a look at some cool highlights :sunglasses: for this game. :wink:


Drive the truck to the finish point :white_check_mark: :truck:


Run over the crates to break them . Complete this task to pass the level. :ballot_box_with_check:


Switch to β€œL” low gear key on steep hills and β€œH” high gear on flat road to run faster :gear:


Truck can get stuck on uneven road :construction: :stuck_out_tongue:


And on obstacles along the way such as this rock :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Switch your camera view for a good vantage point for some levels like this :wink:


Free Roam challenges you to drive freely. get the crates and pass through challenging route such as the hill top.


Climbing :mountain: is always a challenge! Time is running out :timer_clock:

This game is really enjoyable and challenging to play!

Can you finish the 20 challenging levels for this game?

Play this game here :arrow_down:

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