Car Driving Stunt Game 3D: An Adrenaline Booster Game



Car Driving Stunt Game 3D a furious stunt car game to play :oncoming_automobile: . Get ready for an amazing driving experience :racing_car: without worrying about other cars or exceeding the speed limit. :police_car:

Come on guys, here is the fanstastic car stunts game to play and become a pro racer. :racing_car:

This city is all yours to drive in, :cityscape: so no cops or traffic will try to slow you down. :oncoming_automobile:The objective of this game is to perform as many stunts as you can.

Before heading to the streets, The environment offers the real-time temptation of gems to collect them to unlock even more special vehicles to drive. :red_car: and :blue_car:

Drive as fast as you can :joystick: and explore extreme roads and ramps :bridge_at_night: to let your car :racing_car: perform amazing stunts.

Experience the fantastic city ride with awesome 3d graphics experience.

visit the garage from the main menu :video_game: and pick a car. :taxi: In the game, your fuel meter is located on the left side of the screen. It’ll deplete with time, but you can refill it. :timer_clock:

Features of Impossible Car Stunt Tracks:

β€’ Real life stunt mania impossible drive game
β€’ Mid-air stunts and sky-high car driving tracks
β€’ Luxury Vehicles with real stunt cars on impossible routes.
β€’ Extreme car stunts and realistic car driving simulation

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