C.C.R. ★ City Climb Racing ★ Smells good the neon!

City Climb Racing is a brand new racing game :checkered_flag: from Vitality Games. It takes place in a neon city …

In C.C.R. you will be able to drive a powerful car :racing_car: and try to chase the winner of the race from his place.

The game is side scrolling, which means you see the scene in a 2D side view and the game screen moves as the player’s car moves forward.

You’ll earn money by wining races or by collecting it directly on the field. By this way you’ll be able to upgrade your car or to buy new ones with even better stats in the garage :wrench: !

You’ll need to drive like a pro :dark_sunglasses:, jump over obstacles and climb hills at full speed.

Are you going to manage to take first place in each of these crazy races? This is what we will see without further ado in City Climb Racing. Good luck !

Play the game here :arrow_down:

Watch the Gameplay Video:

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