🏎 Burnout Drift: Hilltop Game - How to Drift in Burnout Paradise!

Hello drifty drivers! :slight_smile: Are you ready for another Burnout Drift session? Up on the Hilltop terrain?

I’m happy to tell you that the sequel to the big adrenaline game, Burnout Drift, is about to be published on Y8.com and id.net!

In Burnout Drift 2, as in the previous opus (go to the topic here), you have a great selection of great racing cars like the mythical Mustang or the Bugatti Veyron that you can upgrade and customize with a lot of equipment!
But to do that, you have to drift and drift and drift again! When you perform a successful drift (without touching the border), you earn points and in the same way, money.
The longer your drift, the more points and money you earn :moneybag:
If you crash your car, all your points will disappear, then you will have to be accurate when you drift! The change is that now you have to make as many drifts before the time is up!

The game has good features, detailed maps and sometimes hard weather conditions that challenge your skills and nerves!

Good luck guys! :four_leaf_clover:


Hey i was wondering if you guys could make a multiplayer game, with servers and people can have door to door drift trains. I think the game could go far this multiplayer and to bring all the game maps in one game. And i was wondering if you guys could put a Skyline GTR R34 in the game i honestly think that will be awesome.

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Hello there :slight_smile:

Thank you for your support and ideas, those will be discussed with the developer of the game. Its no secret that having multiplayer mode, allowing players to compete with real players, will boost the game popularity up above sky, the thing is that implementing that does require lot of time and effort and knowledge. We strive to improve and manage the game better and bigger, so adding new cars is somehow doable.

Keep on drifting, The Emo Wolf Jake, and thanks for your suggestions, again :slight_smile:


Ok i will keep drifting, thanks

I was wondering if i could test it for them. Is that possible

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it is to glitchy even with an apple comupter

Have you tried changing the quality settings? Its pretty big game filled with lots of effects and environment.

What do you mean testing, test what?

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If they make the game multiplayer

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you should move the we’re listening button out of the way of the wheels in customization in hilltop. Also could you make a more open world map? Maybe with parks and streets and you can choose your own route

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_Hey i relly love this game and its very good.Heres some feed back the camera is perfekt and the stering too but the hud needs some fixing like the screenshot button you need to make smaller and the score things too

they should have a test drive for every single car. even if you dont own one but you cant change color or tune the car

I like to be able to choose my gears, and the camera tilt gives a confusing perspective of the tightness of the corner that throws me off between when looking at the next turn and when I am drifting that next turn; please add camera tilt on/off and the option for manual transmission.

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good game


I think there should be an untimed mode like in the first game.

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can you add more cars

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