🐕 Build a Puppy House!

Would you like to learn how to build a Puppy House for your dog pets? You probably love your dog pets :dog2: and its a good idea to think about a cute puppy house. It’s even more fun to build it yourself! Even it’s just a game you will enjoy building it from scratch! Let’s have fun and do it in this game! :dog:


Learn how to build a cute Puppy House :dog2:


We have 3 tasklist in this game 1. Prepare Materials 2. Build the puppy house 3. Color and decorate


Prepare to cut those woods that will be used as frames and sidewalls for the puppy house


Guide the wood cutter to get the perfect shapes


Slowly build those wood frames into pillars


Put on pieces of woods one by one into the Puppy house frame


Until you finally put on the roof on Puppy House


The most fun part is painting the puppy house with any colors you like :rainbow:


Then put some cute outfits for your pet! and be happy with the brand new Puppy House for the final touch :confetti_ball: Your Lil Joe must be too happy by now! :heart_eyes::smiley:

Hope you enjoy this game! Don’t forget to post and share your creations using the Y8 Screenshot feature for this fun game! Always take good care of your Puppies! :smiley:

Play this game here :arrow_down:

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