🐢 Bubble Guppies: Pet House Puzzles

Hi players,
if you have pets, probably you were thinking to make your own house or some kind of fun corner for your pet. Playing this game Bubble Guppies: Puzzles for pets on y8, you can get great ideas, great designs and colors that will be an additional decorations for your home, but also a great place to keep your favorite pet. :cat::dog::dolphin:

Choose one out of tree available animals in the game, a dolphins, cat or dog and start with the building. Drag and drop the shapes on the right place and construct the house on the blue background. Later do the same, but this time with the colored shapes, and finish the fine details on and around the house.:house::dolphin::dog2::cat2:

In this game there are present only 3 designs, which all look amazing and fun! But you can also draw your own idea, with your own decoration and details, your color and much more! Just imagine what you want for your pet and have lots of fun!

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