Brutal Lumberjack Demo

Brutal Lumberjack is an interactive action game that lets you fight against some scary monsters. Get that axe and potions to fight against those monsters. Don’t forget to collect the gold along the way. Enjoy!

We will need your feedback for this Brutal Lumberjack demo!

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Hello everybody,

This is a demo, we would like to know what players expect on the future complete game.
So please feel free to give us your feedback (good or bad) and ideas for the next release.

Have fun :wink:

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I expect to be able to choose female characters because it seem sexist.

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i expect

  • combo suchas at 3rd attack damages areal or critical ,
  • improwing axe from ‘owl’ maybe (because if game extends it would be boring with same attacks and weapon)
    *jumpscare :smiley:

Hi thanks for your feedback Ucev

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Yes they are in a gallary because they are art.

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