πŸ“¦ β˜… Box and Secret 3D β˜… Find out the secret outside the Box! β˜…

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Awake your curiosity in this Unity WebGL, 3D game, and look at the box from all sides before you start doing anything. Explore different type of boxes like simple mechanical , safes, ancient caskets and many others.

Every box has different secrets, puzzles and items inside, use them to open everything that can be opened and discover everything inside.

Set your mind on maximum to open boxes and find out what secret is stored inside. If you like β€œpoint and click” games genre, this game will surely entice you with the game-play and will keep you puzzled until the end.

Simple for playing, just use your mouse right button and swipe to rotate the camera view. Double click to go closer to some part of the box. Drag and drop to wanted place items from inventory.

Enjoy playing on y8.com


Walkthrough video :arrow_down_small:





How do you open the egyptian box, help plz


hello i loved it it was hard but i found my way

How do you open the brown box?? help plzz

How do u pass the magnet level?

i speedrun it at 04:42.19

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is good

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