Blonde Sofia Cupcake: An Yummy Cooking game

Blonde SofiaCupcake a fun and yummy cooking game along with our cute Sofia. Y8 brings you another fresh game in the Blonde Sofia series.

Have you ever had a cupcake! party with your friends, :partying_face: how about preparing yourself and invite your friends for a small party. :woman_cook: :cupcake: Here our cute Sofia is planned to throw a cupcake party for her friends. :cupcake: :cupid: Now she really wants to prepare cupcakes. But she needs proficient help to make yummy and beautiful cupcakes. :woman_cook: So let us help her with the party, but she is having some task list to complete for the party :dancer: here they are

  1. Mixing the ingredients
  2. Baking
  3. Icing and Toppings
  4. Dress-up

So let us start task-wise, first, we have to prepare cupcakes :cupcake: just follow the tasks like mixing flour and all other ingredients. :egg::milk_glass: So let us collect them in the bowl

After collecting. let us add them one by one and mix them well to make a perfect mixture to bake.

later on, bake them, and decorate them to look yummy. In between the game, there is a small memory game to have fun.

Next, let us add icing cream and decorate the cupcake :cupcake: with different creams and sugar dolls and add some toppings and let us make them look beautiful and yummy too.

Let’s try different decorations too

Finally to serve let us dress Sofia :dress: in the latest dresses and get her ready and let her have fun with all her friends.

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