Blonde Sofia: Celebrity Makeover: Ugly to Gorgeous

With Blonde Sofia: Celebrity Makeover, sheโ€™s back with a brand-new episode. :dress: :lipstick:

Sofia, our adorable blonde teen, was in a terrible situation because her trophy shattered. That trophy is really important for her event and she is stuck in a very bad shape now. Help her to get clean and glam for the event. :medal_sports:

Help her to groom herself, obtain the ideal makeover, and reclaim her glitter. First clean her hair, face, teeth, and skin. :stethoscope:

Help her brush her teeth, use the acne treatment kit, remove the bubble gum caught in her hair, put on a face mask, and wash her hair with her preferred shampoo. :haircut_woman: :bath:

Fix the trophy if you can. Apply cosmetics such as lipstick, foundation cream, and eyelash extensions.

Remove the acne on the face and apply acne soothing cream and remove the blackheads too.

Try to make over with the latest beauty products, some foundation, and lipsticks along with eyelashes. :lips: :lipstick: :nail_care:

Choose the most glamorous attire for her, make her feel delighted, and get her ready for the occasion. :dress:

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