Blonde Ashley Makeover : New Ashley series from Y8

Cute Blonde Ashley is here, Y8 will bring more game from this exclusive series. Here our cute blonde Ashley wants to get a makeover for her date. :resToday is really a special day for our cute Ashley. Best and fun girl :girl: game and the latest games from this series.

She has a date with her BFF and it is very special for her. We have some tasks here to perform to clean, makeover, and dress up.

She has to get ready, so help her with cleaning her teeth. :hospital: Steps to follow are removing the clip, clean the dirt, and wash the teeth to make them white and shiny. :tooth: :hospital:

Now coming to the makeover part, Let’s treat her skin by removing acne. :girl:

Pluck all the unwanted hair and damaged skin and apply pimple cream and some other foundation creams.

Apply a facemask and cleanser to clean her skin and anti-aging to remove folds on the skin.

Later let us make her up with eyeshades, lipstick, hair styling, and more. Finally, select the best dress for her in which she looks gorgeous. :dress:

Finally, after all the work, let us have a look on our cute and gorgeous blonde Ashley and she looks really happy. :muscle: :cake:

Unlock all the achievements and select your best screenshot and post yo your profile. :y8:

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How do you feel about this game, let us know in the comments. Play here this game.


a good game لعبة حلوة :heart_eyes:

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