Blonde Ashley Haircut.... Another Game From Ashley Series

Hello friends, y8 brings you another game from the Blonde Ashley game series. Here Little Ashley wants to get her hair dressed and make her look fabulous. :girl:

Here she is having a very important date, she is really worried about her hair. It has become a mess now. So let us help her with her hairdressing and her attire too. So lets start with the following instructions. :heart:

So first let us start with hair wash and later on you can choose your hair makeover like ironing, straightening, rolling, and after that cut the hair according to the style to make her hair look perfect. :girl:

As part of hairstyling, you can keep and cut unwanted hair, and let us make the latest and fashionable trends with hair and make her look glam. :dress:

Do you know, blonde hair will be more attractive if we apply hair colors like golden red, or white or brown and black?. So let us try this too. :dress:

Later on, let us select the dress for her which matches her hairstyle like a skirt and a top, and make her happy. :dress::girl:

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It’s cute

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