Blackpink life!


join if u a blackpink fan and tell me ur favourite songs by them including if u know the song solo by jennie from blackpink!


mine is How You Like That, and Kill This Love


here is a link to there songs on spotify


im a big fan of lets kill this love song


I like there songs kill this love/whistle,playing with fire/ddu du ddu du/boombya/solo/as if your last/ice cream/and how you like that!


i like those songs!


I’m a Albanian Blackpink fan, I know all of their songs, I know SOLO by Jennie and my favourit songs of BP are: How you like that, Lovsick girls, Kill this love, Ddu-du-ddu-du, Kick it, and all of their songs of their first Album.


i like all the songs you said exept love stick girls because i have never listened to it tho yea i am a fan


i also fell like im karean like them cause i can speak it perfectly whenever im singing there karean parts!

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