Battle Towers 3D Strategy Game

Crafted by OutlandersStudio, sponsored by and powered by, get ready for an epic RTS war for saving the world!

Battle Towers 3D is a fantasy style tower defense like RTS strategy game featuring 3D graphics.

Immerse in a 3D world where executing the right strategies and tactics will save your nation and strengthen your kingdom! Welcome to Battle Towers 3D game! Two global forces, the Order and the Chaos, are building up their armies in order to fight with each other, and claim the whole world for their own.

Grab your tools and blueprints, and start building your houses, towers, enchanting your structure, before you get ready for battle by training enough soldiers and preparing them for war. Featuring vast 3D World, a real time strategy gameplay, and highly polished units, the war in Battle Towers 3D is about to start!

Play Battle Towers 3D Game at Games section, and good luck defeating the opposite fraction!

I cannot play the game. Whenever I try to start a match, I get an error that there is not enough memory for WebGL. If you are host, enable more memory for WebGL, that’s what it says. Happens on any browser.

I just played the automatch for multiplayer, and it worked nice for me. I was using chrome, the newest version. Is your browser updated to the newest version?

i cant play network game. Server couldn’t be found!
What happened? How i can play network matches?


we are checking.

Game is working fine for us maybe you can try again.

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