Battle Pirates! An utlimate MMO game with realistic experience



Battle Pirates a MMORPG fun game. Alert, enemies are trying to invade our territory. Play this role playing game with mesmerizing graphics. :pirate_flag:

This is an most addictive game with continuous game play, All you have to do Build an island fortress, customize deadly ships, and rule the high seas in the most epic, conquer the neighbor continental kingdoms.

But we have a regular threats from pirates, So we have to prepare the shield so we can safeguard our territory and we have to destroy other’s territories and conquer their war ships and become the sea king.

Battle other pirates thieves, plunder merchant ships, win war games and ship battles in this fearsome world of warfare. You have to prepare the boats while doing research on new technologies to build ships and recruit employees who are very well trained to attack and conquer the opponent kingdom and their ships.

It’s the best pirate thieves game ever! Epic wars are waiting for you to win them over. In the mean while you have to prepare an unpenetratable kingdom with huge walls along with turrets on them to safeguard your people.

Enter into battle with adjacent kingdoms along with their battle ships.

They can attack on our base too…

You can customize and upgrade your base, kingdom pirate ship to the fullest. Battle to receive rewards and use it to get stronger armature and bigger ships. Build a warship that can battle all pirates in the world Sea battle.

You can see the campaigns going on and recruit heroes and perform many researches to prepare many more later centenaries. Build a huge pirate army base/ Be careful with this game, because you cannot leave the game once your start playing.

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World War I:


And World War II:


Hope you like it! :slightly_smiling_face:

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